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Fashion is an exciting and evolving field. Fashion is a big business. More people are involved in buying, selling and production of clothing than any other business in the world. It is my aim to demystify fashion and related subjects and present it in a way it becomes easy, interesting and enjoyable for my students as well as industry individuals who are interested in learning.
Over the years, the flavor, depth and breadth of the courses have changed. If you are my old student you can get a quick update by going through the page of your interest. If you are existing students, you can find all the PPTs of the subject which I'm handling and which will definitely help you in understanding the topic better and upgrading your grades.

If you wish to impart some textile, merchandising and retail sense to your employees by either a seminar or a workshop you are at the right site.


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FASHION & IPR on 26th April 2011

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67th All India Textile Conference on 4th and 5th Feb 2012 at New Delhi


The more we learn, we come to know how much we don't know!!!